Our Values & Competitive Advantages


Our partners take a hands-on approach to every legal matter we deal with. Clients can rest assured that a partner will handle each issue from start to finish. We approach our representation from the perspective of our clients. We frequently meet with clients at their business or property. This firsthand access allows us to gain a deep understanding of our clients business and needs. The boots-on-the-ground practicality is one of the keys to our success.


We understand that many clients are afraid to engage lawyers for fear of being over-charged. We make it very much a heart of our business to be transparent, clear, and fully accountable for what we do.

At BCH LAWYERS there should be no “unpleasant surprises” when it comes to receiving an invoice. By using daily work recording, and weekly client updates on work in progress, we present an open face to our client base so that they see what we are doing, and how the work is progressing. Needless to say, we strictly conform to deadlines and fee-caps.

Honesty with our clients allows us to build trust. And it is only with trust that we can maintain long term client relations. A number of our clients have been with us for over twenty years. We do not cut corners, nor look for quick profits from our client work.

At BCH LAWYERS we have chosen to remain an exclusive supplier of premium legal services, and thus are not under constant pressure to increase revenues. As a result of this, we give honest, straight-forward advice to our clients.


A common complaint against law firms, we have seen, is that they can communicate in Legalese. We make it an effort to speak Plain English. We do not cloud our advice in wordy expressions or archaic forms of speech. You can rest assured that whatever the complexity of assistance we provide, you will have a straight-talking and understandable colleague by your side. Moreover, we realize that approachability is extremely important.

Our lawyers pride themselves on being reachable 24/7 for any questions, no matter how small.


At BCH LAWYERS, we do not do only as we are told. We do not conform to the belief that, “the customer is always right”. We take it upon ourselves to understand what our clients want, but are not afraid to advise them on alternative courses of action, or to let them know that we believe different issues might be of more imminent importance.

By taking a proactive approach, our clients can get on with their own day-to-day work knowing that they have BCH LAWYERS as trusted business partners, supporting their interests, and not only providing legalistic answers to questions posed.


We do understand, in all clarity, that pure legal advice itself might not be of use. At BCH LAWYERS, we enjoy applying and resolving issues in line with the laws, but we get greater pleasure in assisting our clients to get the job done. As our team is mature, most of us have over ten year’s legal practice; we have practical insight into the industries we have worked with.

Our major measure of success is not the number of pages to a memorandum, but the real true value added to a client from our help. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty if it means making a difference to the client’s operations.