Banking & Finance Law

Successful financing for projects calls for a balance of market knowledge, innovation and pragmatism.

Moreover, in the current economic environment, choosing the best financing and banking approach, and getting access to them, has become even more critical.

BCH LAWYERS does its best to ensure that our assistance gets the results our clients need, especially when going through the tumultuous process of litigation, or before/after arbitration.

The dispute resolution process can significantly impact the finance options for our clients, and thus we keep them aware of the best options open to them.

BCH LAWYERS has an unrivalled track record of new financial instruments and financing agreements during such process.

Our team and processes guarantee that we can scale our services to any project whether in corporate finance, debt capital markets, real estate finance, project finance or others.

Our in-depth knowledge of Portuguese market practices and first-tier expertise ensure that the solutions we provide are always to the point and designed specifically to serve your goals regardless of the dispute in process.