The Prague Rules discussed in Lisbon

The Prague Rules discussed during the German Portuguese International Arbitration Symposium – 21 May 2018

On Monday, 29 May, the Law Faculty of the Lisbon University hosted the first public event in Portugal dedicated to arbitration as the best mechanism to solve disputes between German and Portuguese companies. The renowned speakers presented interesting topics and intriguing debates ensued on the law and practices in both jurisdictions.

In particular, during the event, Prof. Klaus Peter Berger spoke on the topic “Civil vs Common Law in International Arbitration – The Beginning or the End?”. In his keynote speech, Prof. Klaus Peter Berger gave special consideration to the Prague Rules, taking the opportunity to explain the context and meaning of a number of its provisions.

Further, in her final remarks, Prof. Paula Costa e Silva (Faculty of Law of the Lisbon University) also spoke about the Prague Rules and the critical role that they will play in the continuing meeting of cultures.

Duarte G Henriques addressed the audience, inviting people to contribute with their comments so that the Prague Rules can be improved and fine-tuned. He also encouraged the audience to sign up as a supporter of the Prague Rules, which can be quickly done on the website.

Congratulations to all the remarkable speakers and thank you to all who participated and contributed with their questions and comments.