Online Guide for Portuguese Arbitration

The Online Guide for Portuguese Arbitration aims at providing information and high-level advice on arbitration in Portugal or any arbitration with a Portuguese element.

It takes into consideration the nuances and specificities of the Portuguese jurisdiction and the legal framework applicable to this mechanism of dispute resolution, particularly as set out in the Portuguese Voluntary Arbitration Law (PAL – Law 63/2011 of 14 December 2011). It also takes into consideration some applicable provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure and case law.
The Online Guide deals with all aspects of arbitration by describing the main features of a Portuguese arbitral process, from the preparation of a valid arbitration agreement to the enforcement of arbitral awards.
The Online Guide of Portuguese Arbitration provides reference to arbitral institutions operating in Portugal, regularly updates on the existing case law and bibliography (articles, books, blog posts, and the like) dedicated to Portuguese Arbitration, and also serves as a platform to promote events, academia courses, and training related to arbitration.
The Online Guide will use English as the operational language. In the near future, the Online Guide will contain a database with arbitral awards and profile of arbitrators with Portuguese working language.

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Hope the Online Guide will be useful.