AD HOC Arbitration

“Ad hoc” commercial arbitration is established by the parties to a dispute in order to resolve a specific dispute on a non-recurrent basis. The dispute then ceases to exist after the adoption of a decision on the matter in question. The parties establish rules to elect arbitrators, and specify the place and procedure of arbitration. Whether in institutional arbitration, or in “ad hoc” arbitration, BCH LAWYERS can clearly explain, assist, and lead the process to reach the best possible conclusion for our clients with the minimum of stress and worry. Further, after such arbitration has already occurred, BCH LAWYERS represents clients at any judicial proceeding related to the annulment, recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards. You may rest assured that BCH LAWYERS has the necessary skills and experience in all matters related to arbitration (both domestic and international), including in the procedures to challenge arbitrators and the fees for arbitrators, as well as in procedures to request or contest preliminary and interim measures.